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Which measures are we taking against COVID-19?

it’s important for Safe Transportation Panama to act responsibly to protect drivers, guides and customers health and safety. In an effort to deliver the experience travelers need to feel safe while undertaking our services, we’ve compiled this list of comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting guidelines:

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Equipment: All, guests and drivers or guides must wear protective face coverings as recommended by relevant regulatory agencies or authorities such as the Ministery of Health of Panama, US CDC or the European CDC.

Wash your hands: We bring hand sanitizer and it is provided before, during and after our transfers, tours or other services.

Avoid direct contact: We encourage our guests to avoid physical contact as much as posible and use no-contact greeting for their own protection and drivers safety.

At all times during the tours or other services, guests, hosts and drivers will maintain social distance from one another as recommended by the relevant regulatory authorities (e.g., 6ft or 1.50 metters). This also limit to 50% the capacity and layout of our vehicles to transport guests in order to adequately keep social distance from one another based on local recommendations and/or restrictions.

Cleaning standards: We properly clean and sanitize the customer touchpoints in our vehicles  before, after and between services in order to prepare them for every transfer, tours or other services. This also means we have reduced the services per day to make sure there is enough time between customers to fully disinfect and sanitize with chemicals spaces and parts guests have used (seats, armrests, handrails and support straps, seatbelts, door handles, luggage compartments, carpets, etc), any materials used or shared, our clothing, etc.

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Fun and Safe

Group size: Tours and transfers are currently limited to a maximum of 4 guests. However we can include more than 4 people if they belong to the same family or group.

Ventilation: We might keep windows open when possible to allow air circulation, but cars are air conditioned.